The Auto Dilemma Race Game is here. Finally a board game that brings out the kid in us all for players from 5 to 105. Plays in about an hour to an hour and a half with 6 players. We have played with 4 couples (8) but it does play longer. You can play singles or "Team Play." Team play is where you team up with someone younger (that needs help with the banking etc), a couple or just two people that want to team up. Now the team pools their money together, you now have a race team and have to get two cars around the track three time to win the $10,000.00 purse. Whoever has the most net worth when someone or a team completes all three laps wins the game. Click on the link below to take you to the website and order yours now. Here's a sneak preview of the game box cover and the game board art work. Orders yours now for only $29.95 + shipping. 

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