Lawrence Palmer

Founder and CEO

Born in Newport Beach, California, Lawrence is a song writer, producer,  lyricist, screenwriter, board game designer, basically a game changer and professional businessman.

Lawrence was raised in Southern California, and spent most of his life in the Los Angeles basin. Lawrence has two sons: David Palmer, The Leo King @, who has an amazing gift and is a world renowned Astrologer, Reality TV Star and Professional DJ. Lyle Palmer is working in the construction industry and is basically living the dream with his beautiful wife and daughter here in Southern California. 

Growing up Lawrence played the Trombone in the Brass section of the band and developed his love for music. Lawrence has written two albums of music, some of which are music for his screenplays/films he has written. Production on the 1st album, "Treasures In My Mind" was released as in "Independent."  You can find the music on all the online music sites under Lawrence Palmer "Pop" Adult Alternative. Influenced by Rock and Roll, Jazz, Blues and Pop, he has developed a unique sound and style all his own. Lawrence is the Executive Producer on the album and along with co-producer Jerry Manfredi, wrote all the songs and lyrics. Lawrence sang all the lead vocals, helped with engineering and composing. 

Larry Is an entrepreneur who has helped start numerous businesses. His true passion is writing comedy for film, composing Music, lyrics and creating board games that entertain all ages. 


Lawrence is also the designer and developer of the Auto Dilemma Race Game. Over many years of testing different designs of the game with all age groups, the final design is in production and is released on  the You can click on the link above to take you directly to the website to place an order. 

All of his screenplays and synopsis's are registered with the Writers Guild of America.

Larry has written these Screenplays:

The Boy's Ranch (Drama/True Story "PG 17")
The Intervention (Over the line-Comedy "R")
Zero Tolerance (Action Adventure "PG 17")
The Soul Traveler (Crazy Thriller "PG 17")  
You Want To Date My Mom? (Rom Com "PG 13")
Worth The Risk (Crazy Action Adventure "R")
Mood Swings (Rom Com for Arby's "PG")
Smoke and Mirrors (Action/Drama "R")
The Journey of Love (Rom Com "R")
Junkyard Dog (Comedy "PG")
Collusion (Action/Drama "R")


Coming Soon:
Romance Comedy "R"